Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spot On...

We rounded out my birthday week (when you have a middle of the week birthday you may celebrate from weekend to weekend  - it's a law, almost positive!) with setting up my new gift - a pretty yellow bird feeder!  I had been eying it since Christmas, went back immediately afterwards to use my Christmas money and it was sold out!  Now back in stock and in my back yard!  Please ignore the large monster vine that is trying to envelop the yard - I swear I will wake up one day and be under it!

I saw a comment on instagram that to attract goldfinches, tie a yellow ribbon on your feeder - they feed in groups and will think it one of their own.  Being skeptical, I seriously doubted it - I put up this bright yellow feeder - and almost instantly not only had birds vying for a spot - but goldfinches!  So maybe there is something to that piece of advice - I also use seed that finches love, like thistle.  Whatever the reason, it's always fun the watch them.
Also, in other seedy bird news - at the other feeder, we've been visited by this handsome guy, a red-bellied woodpecker, for a little over a week now.  This weekend he brought his lady friend too!  They are so striking and that red-orange head - there is quite no other color like it...truly, you need to see in person to appreciate that crazy neon hue.  Nature is a-maze-ing.

I did some actually work-work this weekend too.  Slowly but surely I'm getting up to speed on silk-screening a huge lot of towels I ordered months ago.
This is a new colorway for me; a soft khaki and cream dot.  I accidentally ordered the wrong silk-screen ink a month or so ago...good news is, it's actually better than what I was using.  Look for most of my designs to move over to this new paint - it's just the bomb.  I've restocked green and blue towels too...still a few more designs to go and we will be looking ship-shape for Spring!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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