Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wing and a Prayer...

These are strange days in retail...almost ghostly quiet.  Everyone on the street is talking about it as we phone one another...between tidying up and restocking shelves.  Today, my most regular visitor, Mr. UPS, brought me a bundle of new boxes.  Oddly enough this was an order from last July at Market.  As much as I love selecting just the right goods for the shop, I equally loathe unpacking dirty, dirty boxes with dusty bags and foamy inserts that break off in tiny bits and find a home in my hair (that you only discover after a customer leaves).  I clean everything I open...that's just the way I am.  Today, nearly about to find a home for these beautiful vintage style vases, I spy a broken wing inside one of the vases.  Most likely a moth; yellow with brown trim.  I look at the label and saw it came from India.  Quite a long flight for such a little wing.
Tonight snow is predicted.  The kid in me is sooooo excited - it's been a few years, but this is Southern Louisiana and it will most likely be sneaux.  A nasty, sleety mess that is just a tease - never sticking to the ground but making roads dangerous and icy. 
I'm trying to keep the inside festive, as outside, the sky is pale gray and distinctly looks like snow (not that I'm an expert...but in my opinion).  I hurried last night and silk-screened a fresh batch of my Mardi Gras towels "live everyday like Fat Tuesday".  A perfect run of them; it always feels like such an accomplishment to see all your hard work neatly on a table ready for sale (just need some customers).
I know everything will be okay in the long run; it's just these pauses between seasons and events make you hold your breath (and make your friends and family think your little bit nuts for even going into retail).  So, since I'm a seasoned retailer - I'm being patient, keeping busy...preparing for what's next...ready for the next adventure. 

--Lisa LeBlanc

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  1. It's quite as a mouse here. Packing my work bag with plenty to do while I'm at the shop tomorrow.