Thursday, January 16, 2014

Flying the Coop...

Last month, in the midst of our busy Christmas season at the shop, C went on a job interview and nailed it...I'm pretty sure it looked just like this (tired of this meme, yet?  me neither!)
She received an acceptance shortly afterwards, but through the weeks, it's been hurdle after hurdle with background & credit checks, drug tests, a physical...geez.  Thankfully, all is settled and she started this week.  It's such a great job with the exception of being nearly an hour away (bonus is she has a lovely view of the Mississippi River from her desk).  But that leaves me alone in the Nest to handle it all...did I mention I don't much care for change?  So, it's an adjustment process for us both and I hope I will be back to creating and making new products for the shop very soon.
A number of people have been asking if I would sell a completed cross stitch of the my Down with Downton Abbey pattern.  The answer is yes; one is in the works -- it's been since November, ugh!  Slowly, every other night I pick it up and do a little more.  Unfortunately, at this pace, I'm not certain when I will finish and how much it will be (it changes nightly from $200 to $5000).  The pattern is always downloadable and a very limited amount of kits are available too.
Even though I've slowed down producing for the shop, we are still filling up with great goods from other vendors.  These melted Ball canning jars were a special request I made of one of our clay artisans...don't you just love that vintage blue?!  These are listed in the main shop.
Plus, I've been on a bit of a glutton for bath products -- and I hope everyone else will be too!  I personally have been cranking out cold-process soaps each week (C says my naming process for each soap reminds her of  that scene in Pineapple Express - but no, none of my soaps will be name snicklefritz), and we had a huge restock of Musee fizzing bath balms.  Best yet, tho, we have started to carry Deep Steep.  I adored this line a few years ago, when a friend of mine carried it in her store...she closed and though she gave me all the info to open took me while (as with everything).  The bubble bath is a dream; I also carry the body lotion and body butter - and oh my, the body butter arrived just in time for my poor, sad winter skin!  Deep Steep is a natural, made in the USA brand that most importantly is cruelty free.
And one last thing...I could not pass up these adorable State Love Louisiana Pendant Necklaces.  They came in last week, too...along with a really adorable purple and gold Louisiana State scarf

Even more is on the way; plus a few new sensational vintage items are being added to the Etsy shop daily!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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