Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Color Me Rad...

By now, surely, you've heard all the hype about Pantone choosing Radiant Orchid as the Color of the Year.  Me, a skeptic, was, well skeptical...then I opened my closet and nearly half of my wardrobe is Radiant Orchid. 
image from Pantone
It's literally all around me and yes - I love it; especially paired with turquoise or a neutral gray.  Lately, I'm trending towards all color in bright, bright tones.   
Not that you can tell, but I'm wearing one of the FOUR purple sweaters I own - plus I've got my new iPhone in green - its adorable (and partially why I can't put it down in a restaurant - sorry, addicted!)
Slowly, I'm embracing color at the shop.  These just came in and I thought they were the coolest!  Color flame birthday candles.  The flame matches the candle color - awe. some.
Also, for the shop - this weekend I cranked out these seriously cute crayon wallets!  I started making these a few months back to meet a need for a small and thoughtful toddler/child gift.  Again, I love promoting color and creativity!  It always makes me a little sad when I see kids at a restaurant mesmerized by their parents phone (kids don't do what I do!).  Also, I would have never thought of this but I was told by a customer mom that she loves these because she doesn't have to share restaurant crayons (that might also be sharing cold and flu slobber).  I've got a small quantity listed over in my Etsy shop and available within the brick and mortar shop. 
And lastly, for your color viewing pleasure...and oldie but goodie!  My Rainbow Unicorn cross stitch pattern is on sale right now!  What a fun way to bring color into your new year (I even spy a little Radiant Orchid...damn, Pantone was right ~ it's everywhere!)

--Lisa LeBlanc

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