Saturday, December 28, 2013

All Wrapped Up...

Ahhhh...Christmas is over...specifically Christmas in retail is over (for at least another year).  This year definitely exceeded all expectations.  Honestly, over the summer, during market, C and I began to question how long we would keep the brick and mortar part of our business.  Sure, it's surviving, but it can be a hard life at times - I threw this crazy a** number out there, that if we made xyz in December I would keep going.  We did it.  I don't know if I should laugh or cry (probably just hire an employee finally).

All our best customers visited this year and lots of new ones but I think a few thought we wrapped like this.  "This isn't a bag, sir...this is so much more than a bag."

By Christmas Eve, C and I kind of felt like this.  Especially, when this guy came to the counter to purchase a knitted hat for his expectant baby.  His nearly 9 month pregnant wife that nudged him to get it, looked on, while he complained about the price and how long would the baby actually wear it!?  It took all my strength to remind him he was not about to pass 8 to 10 pounds through his vagina.

One of the best moments though (I know, I reviewed our top five this year) but coming up from behind this gem.  For the last week or so, we had been telling every customer we will be open until Christmas Eve.  One girl, stared blankly at us for a moment and then says, "you're closing after that?  I just found you guys?!"  Um no.  So then we had to add a disclaimer "and reopening on December 27th."

So that's it (I mean not it...we're still here).  I was not able to get much online in regards to our Christmas and Winter Seasonal stock (nor an accurate inventory of what's online).  Now that it's a bit quieter, look for our remaining stock to pop up online with discounted prices! 

--Lisa LeBlanc

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