Thursday, November 14, 2013

And it Begins...

The Holiday Season that is. 
Merry Christmas Y'all Silk-Screened Towel
We've been absolutely working our tails off for nearly a month to Christmas-ify the shop.  And this weekend we've pulled out all the stops for our 5th Annual Open House - not a surface un-glittered, a nook un-decked...the place is pretty darn cheerful!  Until yesterday, I hear the dreaded "Are you getting anything else in for Christmas?" from a customer.  OH.MY.GAWD.  I nearly cried.  This happens every year, usually closer to the actual event of Christmas but never this soon (and when we have so much Christmas in stock).  And always I ask, "What are you looking for?"  followed every time by, "Oh I don't know."

Hand-painted Louisiana Oyster Shell Ornaments
So, of course, now I'm in a dead panic with our impending Open House.  What will people think, will they even attend.  Geez, I never thought (nor anyone else for that matter) that I liked to live on the edge...and then I opened a retail store.  While I've been chasing my tail, I've gotten a few things settled...we will have a number of door prizes to win throughout the day, a free gift on a $30 or more purchase, and we have an amazing cooking demo at 1pm with one of our long time vendors - Marie of the Comfort Farm.  She'll get us ready with tips and ideas for holiday meals. 

I hope it's enough to propel us into a great Holiday Season and a beginning to a momentum that will last through 2014.

And one last thing - if you can't visit the shop in person; many, many of our items are on our main website.  Now through Christmas I've green lighted free shipping on orders $65 and over - it's automatic at check out.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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