Wednesday, October 23, 2013

With Love From Babalu...

We needed a day trip STAT and I went for one of my old standbys - a road trip up to Jackson, MS.  It's a quiet drive and just happened to be a clear and beautiful day.  We found some incredible, I mean, INCREDIBLE thrift items from books, yarn and fabric!  Be sure and watch my Etsy as I'm stocking new large quantities of yardage everyday - YAY!

After over 3 hours of hardcore shopping we paused and stumbled on Babalu, a tapas restaurant in the historic Fondren district.  I kind of, sort of had an inkling it might win over C, being that she's a Costa Rican native but a part of me thought - it's Jackson, Mississippi - this could be an epic fail.

Fortunately, it was amazing in every aspect.  From the clean lines of the interiors to the sensational menu - we were floored and honestly think driving 2 and 1/2 hours to just eat there again is totally conceivable.  It was sort of humorous when the waiter asked if we knew anything about the restaurant and we answered "no" - I thought I might get a descriptive history of how it came to be in of all places...Jackson.  Instead, he gave this sort of rehearsed narrative of what Tapas food is and be forewarned its on tiny plates and comes out separately...I guess it was their declaimer to anyone that ventured in from a Golden Corral?  We were it, now give me this, this and that!  The plates actually were not tiny at all...we ordered empanadas, lamb sliders, and the most incredible hummus - get this, made from black eyed peas!  I sort of promised myself I would attempt to make it myself soon - but I might just gas up the car and head North when the craving strikes again. 

Anyway, if you do find yourself lost in Jackson - find Babalu.  I really admire the level that they run their business and I always appreciate Southern renegades who buck against those tired stereotypes and norms that life down South has to taste, sound and be a certain way.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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