Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Flying Solo and Keeping Busy...

It's been a super busy week and a 1/2.  The shop is really picking up with most purchases being early Christmas presents (gah - it's only October!)  I've been handling most of it solo as C flew to Maryland last week for a family obligation.  She came back with lots of pressies for me - this was my favorite:

The sweetest owl salt & pepper shakers from a yard sale!  I scored some great fabric and the new edition of Domino - it's back (love but still can't afford much of anything in it's glossy pages.)  The thing I like the least that she brought back is a cold...ugh.  I'm trying to shake it off but with so much to do I'm basically dragging.

Before I got icky sick, I was on a roll - I finished my Heidi Kenney Halloween Cut and Sew Bunting.  I even made an extra to sell, if anyone is interested:

It's adorable!  I wish the pattern had had a true 1/4" seam allowance - it sort of varied as she squeezed 24 flags on the fabric.  It was manageable but a little more time consuming.  I also interfaced each flag as I wanted them to have a little stiffness.

Also, I made this cute little guy!  Specifically, The Little Bun crochet pattern from The Humble Carnival.  Every time I see this guy, I smile!  I sort of want to make hundreds and jump in a pile.  I think I'll make a couple more for the pups with squeakers inside and sans beaded eyes. 

--Lisa LeBlanc

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