Friday, October 25, 2013

Featured Friday Fabric - Calico Blue

Right now, we have such a wonderful array of vintage stock that I am adding to my Etsy shop daily.  I wanted to highlight this really sweet calico cotton fabric I acquired last week.

It's a lovely small scale floral in a steely blue gray AND the best part is I have four yards to offer!  As luck would have it, I found it quietly folded on a shelf and tucked inside was this original yardage receipt - I probably am the first person that unfolded it since the day it was cut from the bolt so long ago.

It sort of has become my mission to find it a new home.  Someone must of loved it so much that they never wanted to cut into it!  And as beautiful as it is - it really should be made into something - I think it's asking for not only for a new home but finally a purpose, don't you think?  I have several other 1 yard vintage pieces to be listed that are just lovely too, so please keep watch!

Also, I restocked everyone's favorite Moda Bake Shop Mini Honey Bun Quilt Kits.  Right now, I've kept them at the sale price - be sure to grab one for yourself and another as a gift!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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