Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cottage Nest Cross Stitch Kits Have Arrived!

It's a start!  Cross stitch kits are made for my top three sellers including Downton Abbey!  This seriously took forever, but now that a system is in place, i.e. I got a bit organized in regards to this project...I can pull together a kit without too much effort in the future.

Here's are my first editions:

First is my first pattern...Down with Downton Abbey and still my best seller.  You'll receive a full color pattern, floss arranged in a very Type A caddy, the right sized cloth and needle...but wait there's more!  Included with each pattern I've included some basic instructions and definitions; just in case this is a gift for someone new to cross stitch and embroidery.

Next up is my Happy Hollydays Fleur de Lis; all kitted and ready to go!  This one has been really popular in the brick and mortar shop.  Again you will receive the same items as detailed in the Downton kit and this makes a super gift...especially as it stitches up fairly quick!

For the gingham embroidery kits, I've included a full tutorial, pattern, needle and floss plus a choice of gingham colors.  I know some customers were having trouble settling on just the right sized gingham and this is what I use and recommend. 

For those that prefer digital downloads, everything is still available thru Etsy and Craftsy plus you can always retrieve the file!

I have had some initial request to wholesale these kits; I am happy to provide a discount to qualified shops (i.e. you'll need to have a physical address that I can view from online and provide a sales tax ID #); also, I have a minimum order requirement but we can hash all that out - if you would like to contact me: nestinteriorsllc {at} yahoo . com

--Lisa LeBlanc

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