Saturday, September 28, 2013

New in the Nest...

Day by day, new and wonderful treasures are showing up at our brick and mortar, Nest Interiors.  It's sounds pretty magical, but actually it's entails the very nice UPS man carrying a really heavy box or two in the shop, nearly running into a cabinet filled with glass, all while the dog barks incessantly (how do they always know it's a delivery guy -- and furthermore, why is this so upsetting?).  And after I slit open a dusty box - there it is...the magic!  New and fun goodies to fill our shelves.  Here's a sampling of what's new:
These mini mason jar ornaments are super cute and I wish I had ordered more - I just sold a few while writing this!  They actually open so you can add a bit of tinsel or trim - gah!  So cute!
I stocked a new line of greeting cards from Violet Cottage; everything is original art work and hand glittered.  What sold me?  This Marie Catoinette card!  No matter how many chihuahuas I love - I'll always be a cat lady first!
And lastly...this didn't come out of a box at all!  It's a new silkscreen design from me on my lightweight jersey knit scarves collection - a new colorway in a rosy shade of pink with a sharp black fleur de lis.  I kind of want to snag one for myself (I probably will!) - I've been using the other styles as a head scarf, partly because its still too darn hot to wear a scarf and secondly they are so lightweight and easy to tie your hair back.  These are available through both my Etsy shop and the store.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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