Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ikea Hack - My New Gulort Owl Tote!

Back in July, when we traveled through North Carolina, we popped into Ikea and among many, many cute things...I found these stinkin' cute owl pillow covers.
I really didn't need another pillow but I thought, another tote bag couldn't hurt?  Pan to September already and my idea spark finally took shape this week.  Somehow I squirreled time here and there all through the week to complete my new owl and feather tote!
I interfaced the bag to give it a sturdiness; then took the cute feather fabric on the back of the cushion cover and used it as the lining and handles - it's reversible - so TWO looks for the price of one! 
I think it makes the perfect craft tote for all my WIP's but not too big to still be an everyday handbag.  Like it?  Well, you are in luck - I made a couple more to share.  It's listed on Etsy and available in store at Nest Interiors

--Lisa LeBlanc

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