Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fearless Bunnies

Meet my cousin-in-law, Tianne!  She's absolutely adorable and always amazes me with not only how clever she is, but how without any fear, she just jumps in and makes her ideas happen!  (She will most likely kill me when she finds her picture on the internet too.)
A week ago, she called because we were all meeting up for a family wedding.  She especially wanted to chat because she had an idea for a baby blanket (for another family member's shower next month) and she wanted my opinion because somehow I've become the family's go-to sew-person in charge, or something like that.  I told her to bring me what she had and to my surprise she brings in this crazy cute blanket she appliqued by hand!  It's based on Astro Bunnies , a book she and her son loved when he was small.  It does look ridiculously cute.

This is from the book description:
Looking suspiciously like toddlers in "feety" pajamas, these inquisitive bunnies launch their rockets and zoom away. Measuring comets and gathering moondust is nothing compared to floating weightless and meeting the three-eared bunnies from another planet! But no matter where astro bunnies roam, they will always come back home, especially when it's time to snuggle down for the night
I'm totally not surprised about how great a job she did with little sewing experience, everything she does is always just right.  I'm more surprised that she just doesn't have this internal censor I have that keeps telling me conditions aren't just right to make whatever I'm dreaming.  Sure, I sew, but there is a lot I want to do still and have brushed to the side because I figured I wasn't good enough to do this or that.  So - lesson learned: we should all be more like cute bunnies unfettered by cans and can'ts - willing to explore new worlds & galaxies - because, after all, it's really about the journey rather than the destination, right?

--Lisa LeBlanc

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