Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Walk in the Park...

This week makes 10 years...10 YEARS...C and I have been together.  In that time, we started two businesses, went thru Hurricane Katrina, and dealt with my cancer surgery and treatment.  We hope within the next 10 years we can add marriage to the list *fingers crossed*

To celebrate we chose to have a low key day (especially since the last 10 years have been a bit busy) at the Fountainebleau State Park in Mandeville.  It's right near where I grew up and I often visited it as a child - so I was excited to see it again!  It's changed a bit for the better and I was really happy to see so many people still using and enjoying the park as well. 

We took the shorter of the trails (though we debated on the 4.8 mile one - uh, who are we kidding).  The nature trail, a little over a mile, was just sufficient as we each went through a bottle of water and devoured our trail mix like we'd never see civilization again.
The Nature Trail has a bevy of indigenous plants and trees to admire attracting just as many birds and butterflies.  I brought baggies and collected a few native seeds of swamp mallows (a type of wild hibiscus)  and the seed from a wild bean plant - it looks a bit like a yellow sweet pea.  I could see a lot of native iris along the trail and I am definitely putting this trip back on the list for early spring when they are blooming.  The Alligator Marsh Boardwalk was still closed due to Hurricane Issac - a bummer as it was one of my favorite park spots as a child.

After our endurance of over mile (cue the small children handily running past us), we tucked into one the park's covered picnic area - it had just started to rain briefly.  I packed my famous hummus (well, maybe eventually famous) and we snacked on fresh fruit - trying to start the next 10 years healthy! 

Clear skies, we went to the beach -  yes, who needs Florida when there is this pretty beach along Lake Ponchartrain.  Back in the day, I couldn't swim in it because of the pollution but now it's safe and a success story.

A thicket of cypress borders the beach front and makes it nice to cool off in the shade.  I took a wee nap under the trees, listening to the waves...quite a nice place to end up 10 years later. 

--Lisa LeBlanc

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