Thursday, August 8, 2013

Strange Days...

This has been a tougher than usual Summer for our little shop; the last two weeks tho have been horrible.  There are days I could of literally sat in just my underwear for hours without anyone ever no one ventured all.  All summer we've been trying to come up with new marketing ideas, exciting lines and with our trip to market, we were super excited.  I just launched a loyalty program in store to reward my locals.  First I sent it out in our e-newsletter...I received the most unsubscribes right next to the time I messaged everyone about a charity crochet class to make hats for sick kids...for reals.  I posted it to Facebook (which I'm beginning to agree is useless) and got a smattering of likes.  *sigh*

Yesterday the one young lady that walked in was mesmerized with our new candle display.  I literally had just set it up 2 hours before she walked in and it was filled with brand new, beautiful inventory.  She gets on her cell phone and best I could tell she was having a real dilemma deciding on what to get for someone.  She said a couple times how lovely the candles were to whomever and then I hear her say "oh, yeah, I'll just go to xyz shop" turned on her heel and left.  *sigh*

Despite being quite crest-fallen and wondering if there's some kind of rumor in town that we kill puppies or something (we don't), I was pretty eager to get to the shop this morning.  New day, new attitude!  And shortly after I opened the door an older lady!  And just like I'm living in some bad rendition of Steel Magnolias, because she's someone locally important's mama - it begins.  She mills around and wants to let me know "no offense, but your shop sure isn't much to look out from the outside"  She must of gathered I was a shade lighter than pissed and tried to recover with Southern charm "I mean its just soooo lovely in just wouldn't know all of this was in here"  This is part where I tell C and she asks..."what are we suppose to drag everything in the store out on the lawn"

I didn't think the front was looking too bad.  I have mentioned before on the blog that I've gotten a few comment on the garden less I forget to weed the front.  Right now we have lantana in bloom and a nice stand of bright sunflowers.  C is working on enhancing our signage too.  And honestly its a rural town, we're not Macy's...and never will be.

And truly, it's not just me that's having a sh*t summer in town.  1 business closed last month, 1 will close this month, and 2 will more than likely be gone in September/October, their landlords just don't know yet.  Everyone wants small businesses, mom and pops, but I don't think the majority realize were an endangered animal of sorts.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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