Friday, August 9, 2013

Out on Good Behavior...

Ahhhhh...I'm 40+ hours into test stitching my new Orange is the New Black Cross Stitch Pattern and it seems totally conceivable I will finish well before the launch date I set for August 15th.  Awe Yiss!  Squeezing this into about a week in half has felt a wee bit like solitary confinement.  And when you do a chunk of monotonous work days on end, your mind certainly goes places you haven't been in quite a while.   I revisited last meetings with friends who have passed, saw arguments and injustices long ago in a new and slightly wiser light, I even contemplated my value and place in life presently.  It's been WAY intense and I so welcome finishing this and launching this baby in the world!

Today, though as I was finishing some details on the border and keeping watch at the shop, I was reminded of another prison drama.  A young lady (spitting image of Gretchen Mol, I swear) strides in clad in workout spandex and barks across the store "you gift wrap?"  I explained we do...sort of...if a store labeled bag is ok with a smattering of tissue, then yeah.  She ignored me, and I continued helping someone else.  She comes to the counter with a vintage tea set; darling for bitch to wrap for someone in a hurry.  So, I'm protectively wrapping each lid and vessel and oh. my. god. she starts to advise me on how to expedite this.  Remember Brooks from Shawshank Redemption, paroled and fumbling around as a meager bag boy?  That was me!

Trying to recover, uh, some dignity, I'm like "Sooooo...are you headed somewhere right now?"  She faltered a bit and finally smiled "uh, yes"..."yeah, you seem a bit in a hurry"  Since I'm a pro (ha ha), I give her a blank enclosure card to fill out, at least keeping her busy while I finish up with the wrapping.  Thankfully, she seemed satisfied as she hurried along to whatever festivities (in her workout clothes - yoga party?)  I'm not mad; it actually is pretty funny.  We move so fast in life, we miss out on the details and tiny interactions with one another.  And if I'm being honest, I am just as guilty, because here I am, a chunk of a week en-massed in stitches...hoping they count for something and to someone.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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