Thursday, August 22, 2013

Living Prairie Style

When I was young, I use to love watching Little House on the was this idyllic primitive dreamy landscape dotted with skipping through meadows, crisp wrapped packages from the mercantile and warm nights sleeping in a loft under a handmade quilt from Ma.

Ugh.  Our water pump broke this week and unfortunately, I could not embrace living without indoor plumbing for a minute longer.  I'll always love my handiwork but, yes, give me an iPhone, microwave, and...most importantly, running water.  I guess I'm a thoroughly modern girl that could never cut it on the prairie.  Ahhh, dreams die over a long, much needed hot bath.

Now that the water is back on, I can refocus on business and being clean.  A lot of people are starting to stitch the new Orange is the New Black cross stitch pattern and a few have taken advantage of the special offer on Etsy that includes the entire Alphabet I designed for the project FREE!  Look what one of my customers, @RageWynn, created with the alphabet!  I love it and as a cancer survivor, I totally want to make one myself!  Awesomesauce! 

Time is running out for the free alphabet pattern included within my OitNB pattern; It's available until the end of August - so grab it before its gone!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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