Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Featured Fabric - Barkcloth is Back!

It's been a while since I've posted a featured fabric, once a mainstay of the blog.  Believe me it has been quite a summer and honestly I have SEW much to tell you on changes we've made to our business in regards to fabric and sewing, but we'll save that for another post and another day!

What I want to tempt you with is this...

Gorgeous, vintage barkcloth!  Probably from the 1950's, maybe as early as the 1940's.  It's a certain blend often imitated but not really in production any longer.  Barkcloth has a crepe like appearance, in fabric terms, it is because of its momie weave.  Usually a blend of cotton and linen, with newer fabric introducing rayon, this was a thick fabric typically used for draperies and upholstery.  Personally, I like to make tote bags and pillows out of the pieces in my stash.  This sweet, large scale print of Peonies is just lovely and I have 2 yards currently.

Not to be out done is this sweet pair of barkcloth drapery pair; yes you could just buy them for the fabric alone and do as you please - but honestly they are in great shape and if I had just the right window they'd be mine!

More is to come so keep checking back in my vintage linens section of Etsy!

Oh, and one last thing since we're talking vintage and sewing...this just came in to the shop this week!  Vintage reproduction sewing boxes just like Grandma's!  I may snag one for myself...I couldn't think of anything better for keeping nearby for hand-sewing or embroidery.  And the sweet blue calico print - gah!

***Updated 9/11/13 - I received a message via Etsy the other day that the first fabric referenced is probably a rhododendron.  While I'm still amazed someone took the time to correct me (ahhm...sarcasm), I certainly did not want to lead anyone astray if you really wanted peonies and were shocked to find pink rhododendrons instead.  I hate when that happens.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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