Friday, August 23, 2013

Boo Y'all

Last night, after a long but busy day at the shop, I silk-screened one of my favorite designs - this adorable Halloween Boo Y'all towel.  I've screened it for a couple years, but this year I could not remember what blank I had used or where it came from (I'm sure I wrote it down but where???)  Anywho, I definitely found an upgrade to last year's towel - a nice thick orange cotton towel measuring a hefty 20" x 28".  Love it!  These are now listed on Etsy, our Nest site and of course, available in store.

If it seems early to even be thinking about Halloween, oh I'm must have a normal life and not be in retail.  Ha.  Having the store for a number of years, I find I live in exactly two different worlds all of the time - present day and future.  I have to have a hand in what's current and also an eye on the future.  I even caught myself yesterday reaching into the fridge and thinking about Easter...of next year...and why in the refrigerator (random - maybe I was getting an egg?) 

It's actually been fun planning this year's Fall look.  I have a lot of items to cross right over into Christmas so it should flow very nicely as the seasons change (pics to come!)  Also, this year too, I added another "Boo Y'all" product...this time in my embroidery pattern collection - my new Boo Y'all Chicken Scratch Embroidery Pattern.  I love's so Southern in gingham, Y'all and all.  We actually staged this picture at our house and I ended up leaving the Halloween decorations up...ahhh, it'll save time, right? 

--Lisa LeBlanc

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