Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Final Thoughts...

The Steotchalong has finally come to a close.  Finishing any cross stitch project makes me a bit sad, I have to admit.  It's one of those time consuming (but totally worth it) crafts that it just sort of becomes apart you.   No one knew who or what this would be in the beginning days as it was a mystery; kudos to Steotch for putting together an amazing event and challenging pattern.  It turned out to be Samuel L. Jackson's character from Pulp Fiction.  I was kinda hoping it was this guy...

I have no idea who he is, but I'd like to think of him as sort of my fairy godfather of embroidery work.  Anywho, I remember seeing Pulp Fiction in my college movie theater back in the day.  It was the most high profile movie they had had in long time and I think at $2 a ticket.  That was still a deal in the mid-nineties; that being so,  I nearly was trampled on as they opened the doors to crazed  students flooding  in to snatch the best seats.  Afterwards, beyond being nearly trampled to death, I was actually troubled by the whole movie and remember not being able to sleep a wink that night.  And it wasn't so much that it was scary or gruesome, but that I actually really liked it.

If you'd like to stitch your own Pulp Fiction cross stitch, the patterns are currently available on the Steotch website and you can stitch at your own pace.  The last pattern available is the quote to the right...three choices are available; I picked the faux biblical quote (it sort of matched my mood du jour) - though, I made the "L" a bit more swoopie to mimic the "A".  And, if you do stitch the pattern or have been stitching, please be kind and donate a little (or a hella of a lot) to Steotch in the linked post.  Take it from someone that writes patterns, this is quality work and should be rewarded.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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