Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Zen of Yard-selling

You know what's crazy? Having a yard sale while you are actively shopping others the same day! That was my Saturday - which turned out to be totally worth it on both accounts. First off let me explain a little about the sale; four years ago, one of my fellow merchants came up with the idea here in Ponchatoula, based on a new emerging trend. We invited the town to join in from residents, churches, organizations, and businesses and buy a listing for their sale to be featured in a  town map we generate each year. It's turned into a phenomenal money maker for all participants, whether you are a family saving for a summer vacation or retailer looking to start the lean summer months with little extra cash. Take note if you belong to a small town...this idea is golden!

Anywho, after four years of yardsellin' I was uber-prepared. I've been collecting junque since the last sale but really buckled down the last two weeks, spending my efforts sorting, pricing and labeling everything! The night before we set up every table inside the store, laid out all merchandised categorized by type (i.e. holiday, kitchen, etc) - when we arrived at 5am at the shop, all we had to do was carry out the tables and the sale was on! And that's how you do it y'all!

Once set up and C had the sale in order, that gave me time to scoot through town to visit other listings. I chose a couple of my favorites from years past and found these amazing vintage Italian frog planters, a couple primitive type dolls (so odd I could not pass them up).

I totally blew my budget tho on a new listing...daylilies!  Right in our midst is a daylily hobbyist that has turned his front yard of his modest cottage style home into a daylily mecca!  I got five...did I need 5, no...but what the hay!

So, if you find yourself traveling to Southeast Louisiana during the balmy part of late May and early June, make sure Ponchatoula is on your list to visit!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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