Thursday, June 6, 2013

Modern Chicken Scratch

I love chicken scratch!  Some call it gingham embroidery or snowflake embroidery...either way its lovely, its nostalgic, and it looks intricate though it is totally not.  I developed this pattern of a fleur de lis a while ago; recently I went back to it and beefed it up a bit by making some subtle stylistic changes.  Also, I really detailed the instructions, including a second variation on the pattern.  The booklet with included pattern is available for download from either Etsy or Craftsy and is a whopping five pages full of instructions on stitches and fabric used,  design ideas, and helpful hints.

One of the more enjoyable things I find about chicken scratch is that it is relatively quick compared to it's sister crafts of cross stitch and needlepoint.  An experienced stitcher will have this complete in a couple nights.  Its the closest you'll come to instant gratification in embroidery work!  Another pattern is on the way (it sort of nudge its way in as I was finishing up this one) and I can sort of see myself modernizing this pretty art form in a new way.  Be on the look out and I hope you enjoy this pattern!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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