Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Embracing the Quiet

Summer is always slow in retail (unless maybe you sell ice cream cones on a beach).  I've been doing this for a number of years now and I still take a deep breath when I see the school buses finally pull away from the nearby Junior High for the last day of school.  It sort of becomes a ghost town through these parts at that point.  There's plenty to do inside the shop; I don't dare venture out as it is already a shade cooler than the surface of the sun (and its only early June *sigh*).

Right now I'm developing a couple new patterns, working on a possible cross stitch class for fall, and new products to introduce quite soon.  We will be planning a couple market trips lots to do.  But now...its oh so quiet.  And I know I should want a bustle of customers, but honestly its been nice to sit (yes, I actually sat for more than five minutes!)  I've been working on a couple me-time projects: the Mystery Steotch Along (its turning out to be great fun!) and I just finished my Craftsy May Block of the Month in June.  I feel a bit like I created my own summer camp (something I always wanted to do as a child but was too chicken to try) - we'll call it Camp Happynest!

Ok, so a few customers have ventured in from this ungodly heat - Awakening me from my zen like bliss just long enough to file under "sh*t people say to retailers".  One such customers was looking for just right thing and low and behold I actually found it!  Though it met the description, um no, it wasn't just right.  Ok, no problem...she settled on another item.  Have I mentioned that both items were under $5?  No, oh, because that becomes important.  She leaves...I stitch (or steotch)...and returns hours later with item in hand.  While I'm scratching my head to figure out why one would waste gas and make the effort to return a small ticket item and secondly trying to remember how to actually return an item in our point of sale, because I do it so infrequently, she asks "so, do you do well in this location?"  She chatters away before I could say a word, "because I really love your store and wouldn't want you to leave".  What do you say to that?  I mumbled something like "every sale helps, here's your refund, ma'am."  *rolling eyes*  My subtlety was lost on her, she left and I carried on trying not to grumble too much since it was just $5.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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