Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Things That Happened Today...

The best and worst thing about having a business open to the public is you have no earthly idea how your day will turn out.  Sure you plan, make a list, but somehow you reach five o'clock in the evening and you can't really recall if you've sat down, ate lunch, or much less went to the bathroom all day (I did...I'm pretty sure).  So, here 's a quick run down of today:

  • photographed and listed the beginning of a new series of colonial reproduction fabrics here and here (down here they are also know as civil war reproduction - sounds awful but they are actually darling).

  • received a call about a product I sold in 2011 - did I still have it and do I have two - um, no.

  • a good friend brought me vintage lace - a very good friend indeed

  • Committee Chair for the Ponchatoula City Wide Yard Sale called to discuss the progress of the June 1st sale - slight panic attack; that's in one month and somehow I'm on the committee!

  • Another good friend stopped in, shopped while we swooned over the new little man in her life:

  • a vendor came in and got mad at me as last month (yesterday!) sales reports were not done *rolls eyes*

  • priced a couple new vintage picks - milk glass pitcher and a darling egg tray (must remember to put online!)

  • found this vintage pig serving tray researching vintage finds - *squeal* I want it!

  • two guys came in to sell tools for gas money

  • took two aspirin and made cup of tea

  • straighten the shelves and tables

  • and blogged.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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