Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spring Blooms and Grumpy Turtles

We had an amazing weekend; the shop was busy-busy with everyone snapping up last minute Mother's Day gifts. I finished up the mini-series Top of the Lake on Netflix (anyone else watching - oh my, that WAS good)  Of course, I really just wanted to play outside the whole time, which by Monday (my day off) I finally did!. Most of my time was spent weeding...are there any natural remedies...that work...for weed prevention? Anywho, take a look at my gorgeous flowers! My day lilies are super impressive right now - I actually forgot about the one pictured; what a nice surprise! The rose shown has also been a surprise. I bought it several years ago as Rina Hugo - an intensely pink tea rose. Life happened and my care for it faltered and this delicate antique pink rose popped up in its place. I suspect it may be the root stock. Rina Hugo is a French Rose and this looks like Maidens Blush - also a French rose known for its hardiness. (I actually much prefer this rose than the previous). And what gardening adventure would be complete without a little wildlife. I saved this turtle going to the street; as you can tell - he seems overwhelmed with gratitude!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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