Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hooking Up: Preemie Crochet Beanie Pattern

This past Thanksgiving, we got the news that my oldest and dearest friend was expecting!  She opened her home to me in Houston when I was under treatment at MD Anderson, and every few months we visit again during my scans; so she, her husband and their adorable 5 year old son are like family and we were just ecstatic to welcome a new little bundle.  I wanted to do something really special...make a quilt or crochet a blanket.  A couple months later she calls; "you sitting down?  It's triplets!"  Fast forward, everyone is doing well - all boys and though they are due in June, we know they will be early.  So, with THREE little ones, unfortunately quilts and blankets fell by the way side, but Auntie wanted to make them a little something.  I decided to make some preemie beanies as they will be super tiny when they arrive.  Unfortunately, there was not a lot available on Ravelry for that size and the patterns I found were incomplete or too feminine.  I started playing around and once I had one hat complete - I realized quite by accident, I had written by own pattern!

Using Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe (so silky soft), I finished off the two additional hats and I had the pattern down pat!  Really, its a very quick and simple pattern that is nicely gender neutral, so I hope others find it useful too.  I've played around with it a little further and changed the yarn - a bulky yarn brings you to a nice newborn size without editing the pattern.  Try Lion Brand Baby's First Yarn for a new take on this beanie.

The pattern is free for download on Ravelry; please let me know how it works for you and what edits you use to make it your own.

***the triplet onesie set was a custom order I planned with my embroidery vendor from my store - she's agreed to make them to order, so contact me at the shop website should you find yourself surprised with similar news!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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