Thursday, May 9, 2013

From Berrytown to Boston with Love

Somehow, miraculously I was able to squirrel away a couple hours this week to sew.  I've been following along with the To Boston with Love project; a now international makers event that is gathering these darling handmade flags with images of hearts and messages of hope to fly over Boston at a Memorial Day event at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

It's such a tiny flag, 8" x 6" and it took just two fat eighths to complete.  I chose the scrappy heart and picked a couple strawberry fabrics as it is my town's official fruit (we have an official fruit!)...I freehand-stitched the back with my town and state (that took the longest, especially since I had forgotten a hoop at home).

All in all, I am so delighted with the finished flag and so happy to have taken part of this project.   It feels like being part of one very large but quiet conversation; I hope all who visit the installation will be inspired, uplifted and encouraged to make the world better no matter how small the contribution.

if you are itching to stitch one yourself, the deadline is now May 21st.  All details are here including other flag designs.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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