Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thrifty Mississippi

Three times a year...more if I'm lucky, I go up to Jackson, Mississippi to pilfer one of my most favorite thrift stores.  It literally takes me three hours to walk the store as every nook and cranny is a treasure trove!  I stocked up on lots of fabrics - more new than vintage this go round, but someone had donated some really high end cottons (yay me!), I even found yarn, buttons, and they had a tremendous sale on books...I snagged some really great books on sewing, needlework and a very interesting copy of how to bind a book (like I have time for that).

My best find by far (maybe ever) was a Eva Gabor wig box in wig but its so amazing.  It needs a little work but it's fascinating!

After digging in a thrift store for hours, we like to treat ourselves to a really nice restaurant (talk about a 180)...we are a bit stuck on Sophia's at the historic Fairview Inn.  If you can get past the hostess who's a bit of a troll, its a real hidden gem.  I ordered the drum and it was yum yum!  I usually like to walk the grounds, but a cold snap kept us inside; the azaleas were about to pop and an actual dogwood was in bloom...most of them have died out in my neck of the woods due to a blight.

Depsite the rainy cold it was a fun and productive most favorite moment though had to be this in the thrift store restroom:

--Lisa LeBlanc

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