Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stitching Stat!

How long has Etsy had digital downloads???  I stumbled on this yesterday when I was entering my daily listings - whoa!  This is life changing!  And frankly about time.  Not that I minded running over to my computer to write an email, attach the file and pray that my message didn't go into someone's junk mail; it's just that in this day and age, people expect what they want when they want!

So Voila!  THREE ways to instantly download my cross stitch patterns - pick your platform (all venues,  including Etsy, do not limit downloading as long as the listing is still active).  Go forth and stitch!

I spent today, a weirdly slow day at the shop, immersed in a different kind of stitching - the April Craftsy Block of the Month.  I was actually pretty nervous about this one - curved piecing forming a fan block.  I've just gotten comfortable with stitching straight.  I did fairly well, for my first go at it.  I'm not sure why though, my block is a good inch shorter than it is suppose to be.  I know a lot of people had trouble with this because they did not print the templates to scale - I did, for sure.  So, again, we will chalk this up to lesson learned.  Overall, I'm pleased with my progress...and more pleased that I'm actually sticking with this!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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