Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Finish Line

Two months has been a long wait to fill our apartments; but we finally got the A-OK to proceed with occupancy after the repairs.  Again, I'm not sure why my town of Ponchatoula makes it so hard for businesses to do business here.  It's a darling town - but you really have to be from here to make it here.  Which is a shame, because we could ALL be a lot stronger if city leaders weren't so adamant about some succeeding and others struggling.

Anywho, whenever the apartments are vacant I use the lull as a great backdrop for my product pictures.  I've even toyed with the idea of switching the shop to upstairs because the views and light are tremendous!  Here's a sweet pair of vintage sheer strawberry drapery panels - I love the view of one of our old oak trees across the street.

Here's one of the cute archival papers from Cavallini against the brick wall...all bathed in natural light.  I guess its been the only perk of the vacancy after crazy tenant #1 and #2 left, but I'm glad the two new families are thrilled to be going to each and adding a new chapter to theirs and my life.  *fingers crossed* we are all happy for a long time!


--Lisa LeBlanc

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