Thursday, March 28, 2013

Making the Most of March

March feels weird these days to me.  I'm coming up on another anniversary; April 4th, 2011 was my last radiation treatment at MD Anderson (after a full 30 treatments).  I remember it well, I left on a very blustery February day and came home in April - already hot with Spring in full swing.  A whole month had gone by without me.  So, even tho this March has been super challenging with the building repairs...I try to take time and notice what's changing and how I'm changing.

Part of my effort to "change for the better"  is I've decided to learn how to quilt.  This is my third month completing the Craftsy Block of the Month - this month was the Economy Block.  I was really excited as this, THIS is what I think of as REAL quilting.  I had no chance to squirrel away a whole day to complete it so I broke it into bite sized pieces - pre-cutting all my fabric one day.  Watching the video class.  And then, finally, assembly...sewing!  Something, was lost in translation with all my stops and starts.  I remembered in the first class that we were to use a scant 1/4" - I thought it was for ALL blocks.  Ugh, it was not...I figured it out half way through and made it work, tho my points are a little off sadly.  But that's what learning is for, right?  Mistakes and all.  I do love how you can fussy cut and feature a fabric in the center.  I picked this one (it's from IKEA, gah!) to coordinate with a flower basket applique we will be attempting in later months.

See my progress:

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