Thursday, March 21, 2013

Looking From Above

Back in the early 90's I had the chance to study "historic preservation" at an authentic French Chateau (through a group that I'm sure crashed and burned years ago).  Though it turned out to be a real place, the experience was a bit more "indentured servant" than educational - so I thought.  I spent 12 hour plus days with a couple that had bought a 16th century chateau, assisting them from digging out hedges, holding flash lights as they fixed roof leaks, cleaning (16th century dirt, for sure).  For barely a 20 year old design student - I was tres unimpressed.

Little did I know, years later I would buy my own chateau...that's French for old-a** money pit...which I love.  It's actually, the Old Nehi Botting Company in our town, originally built in 1925.  So, in hind-sight, I wish I could sincerely apologize to my French family from years gone by for being a little American .  I can't tell you the countless hours we've spent doing so much of the renovations ourselves.  And though it sounds like a hassle, it feels like you are actually breathing life back in these old buildings.

This week, though, we let the professionals take this job.  We are in the midst of re-roofing the oldest part of the building and will cap the parapet walls that line the perimeter.  See that thickness...those are 12" thick walls!  This place is a tank!  Needless to say it's been hard to stop for a minute and blog - something I really wish I could teach the dog to do!  I should be back in full force next week  - until then, have a great weekend everybody!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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