Thursday, March 7, 2013


Here's a sneak peek of a new pattern I am currently developing.  The pattern is mostly complete; I just like to stitch everything out to see how it will finally look and oh yeah, I'm complusive!  It's been several months since I've stitched and it feels great to be creating something new again.  Over Christmas I had developed a small cyst in my finger (no cause for alarm) but the amount of stitching I was doing (and the speed) really, really aggravated it.  It's still there but, so far, I'm not having a bit of trouble.

So, last night, all I have is one hour, one measly hour, to stitch.   Everything is set, the house is quiet, my work area set, and my hulu queue set with (I am so embarrassed to say) The Carrie Diaries.  Or what I like to call the perfect crafting storm...hit play and realize my white embroidery floss had been pinched.  I suspect the cats.  Anywho, I moved on to another color and grumbled a bit.

Hopefully, I can move on a bit faster through the weekend.  I need a new TV series to bridge my time through the stitching.  I'm not sure if you're like me, but I have to have something on while I work (even in high school I had to have a TV on while I studied).  But it has to be just the right kind of show or movie; nothing too good or interesting to draw you in and simple enough to follow along in case you miss a bit because you aren't really paying attention.

The last two weeks I found the Netflix series House of Cards; I love Kevin Spacey and I love politics...but everyone in it is just an absolute train wreck and makes for excellent crafting tv.  I made a ton of jewelry for the shop through 13 episodes including these totally sweet and innocent wire wrapped bird nest pendants in the midst of episode after episode of power grabs, deception and fairly self-destructive behavior!   Whoever said you can't be productive while sitting for hours watching TV was wrong!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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