Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A New Perspective...

Friday was the shop's five year anniversary; I sort of remembered but then forgot at the same time (our actual open date is February 29th - so like us to open on a Leap Day).  A couple people had urged me to do something...and I realize it is an accomplishment, but honestly - sad to say, every event we do for this tiny town, they just have not fully supported it.  And then there was the turmoil with the upstairs tenants last month, which in turn led to some small town politics biting us in the a**.   So, Friday...our anniversary, I just opened the doors like any other day and the heavens must have parted because we had this stellar day with customer after customer telling me the nicest things and reaffirming my decision to be here.  The cherry on top was an unexpected visit from an old colleague...gosh, we haven't seen each other in nearly 10 years even though she's only 50 miles south in New Orleans!  She was blown away by our shop, our building and the life C & I have created.  It was the best anniversary gift I could have never imagined to see this...ALL this through new eyes.  I'm starting to notice those troublemakers and naysayers that have left in the last month and those that are in the process of leaving us are clearing a path for new directions and new opportunities.

Today we began phase one of construction improvements on our building to help satisfy some city requirements that we are being strong-armed into providing even though they fell under existing conditions and the city building inspector failed to note originally when he granted occupancy to the adjacent tenant.  Again this is a small town and though its not exactly right - you can't fight this because as he told me word for word "I can make this a lot worse for you."  Sounds threatening, huh - it is, but its really par for the course in small town Southern Americana.  And I'm ok with it, because one we can't fight him and two we are going to make things right for our investment, our future tenants and in part this town though its just is not a very reciprocal relationship, I find.  So, I'll keep you all posted on our renovative progress and small town nuttery.

Good news though...I'm stitching again.  Yes, a new pattern is in the works!  I hope to have a tiny reveal tomorrow here on the blog.  I know a lot of people had hoped for a third Downton Abbey Cross Stitch pattern...but honestly they keep killing characters off, (and now with O'Brian leaving - what what?!) I can't keep up!  So next up is something light, uplifting and something that we can all Believe in!  (psst that was a hint!)

--Lisa LeBlanc

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  1. What a beautiful place and Happy Anniversary. I know what you mean about small town politics - been there. Keep going you are offering something good and though some might disagree don't let them extinguish what you are. I smile from my tummy sent outward stops the negativity every time. Bravo girl. :)