Thursday, February 21, 2013

Things We Dare Not Speak Of...

It's been a bit rough at the building...for awhile, I was almost certainly going to start a Downton Abbey inspired reality show...because downstairs (me) was definitely having issues with upstairs (bad tenants).  They've nearly gone - good riddens.  Usually, though we have some life balance where when the building "falls apart" so to speak, our shop downstairs picks up and holds us together.  This month has just been blah...I'm not sure why, but a large portion of our walk-ins have just been...I hate to say it...awful.  (of course, if YOU have visited this month...I certainly don't mean you *wink*).  If it had not been for a few tourist that wandered into town post-Mardi Gras, I'm pretty sure I would have gone running into traffic mad.  Last Saturday, not thirty minutes after we had checked-out a really lovely couple from New York City (who loved everything!), a local couple came in to browse.  The lady picked up these earrings and I suppose she thought they were too much because she bellows "ridiculous".

I don't know, I think they are nice and just $15.  Anywho, she turns to her mate and begins to rub her belly and proclaims "I am so bloated".  For reals.  I prayed in earnest at that point she didn't need the bathroom or just spontaneously combust.  I'm not sure why but the local radio station keeps playing this clip from the movie "You've Got Mail" where Tom Hanks says "Don't Cry Shop Girl" and Meg Ryan tearily responds "I hoped it was you" - I feel like reenacting this after each good sale.

Have you hugged your shop girl lately???

--Lisa LeBlanc

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  1. Lovely earrings and a steal which is what I thought you were going to end the story with and thankfully not.Bloated lady rubs belly after snitching the jewels. :)

  2. Thanks for your comment Laurie! The blog is turning a bit confessional...I may have courage soon enough to talk about the day I met the foot fungus lady. All in good time :)