Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Featured Fabric

maharam repeat classic hella jongerius

For this week's edition of Friday Featured Fabric, I've selected a really special commercial upholstery fabric designed by Hella Jongerius from Maraham.  I think this is still in production today, but when it was first introduced in the early 2000's during my career as an interior designer, it was a hit in our firm.  Well, not that we found a use for it (mainly because it cost over $100 a yard) but it was and still is sensational because it has a huge repeat.  When you hear someone talk about a "repeat" in fabric, they mean the frequency the pattern repeats - both vertically and horizontally.  This can make a huge difference when you are working a pattern for either a quilt or reupholstering a chair...bigger repeats mean more waste typically.  This fabric, aptly named, Repeat Classic, has an almost comical least over 3 yards vertically.  It is full of stripes, botanicals, an exploded herringbone, and even a dainty pheasant made to look like vintage embroidery.  This is really, in one of the most unusual forms, commercially produced art.  Again, we never found the opportunity to use it or had the luck to have a client willing to pay; but we were so enamored that we began ordering sample after sample - just to own a little piece of this unique fabric.  Finally, I think the manufacturer caught on that all of these cash poor designers were hording their samples and began sending out color tips cards instead.  Recently, I found a few of these remnants in my stash.  Though they are not very wide, they are very long strips of durable commercially produced fabric...I think they would be perfect for small coin purses or accents on pillows.  What ever you dream up, you can now own a small piece of Classic Repeat here.

maharam repeat classic hella jongerius

--Lisa LeBlanc

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