Monday, January 28, 2013

Road Trip: Biloxi, MS

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, or maybe months that no matter how positive you set out to be, someone is just determined to knock you down?  I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this, but the building our shop resides in is also owned by us's a beautiful, historic building from 1925!  We have a few additional tenants that share the building with us and in the 6 years we've been landlords, we've treated them like family - in many cases their living and work conditions at the building are better than mine at home as I always put the building's maintenance before my own.  We've been so lucky with good people; now there is a rotten apple spoiling the entire bunch.  So, basically it's been a madhouse there and I haven't slept much in a week and this week I'm sure will be no different as we are gearing up for part deux.

Roughly about the same time I had received a postcard to attend a small gift show on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Half-heartly, I showed C; figuring I'd hear a big "No!" and "Are you crazy, we can't do that with all this insanity," instead she actually thought we should get away if even for the day.  It really was just the thing to take my mind off our troubles even if it was "work related."  The show was small but had a nice variety of items plus shopping at a market always makes me feel hopeful.  I found some really unique things for all my venues - from the brick and mortar to Etsy.  Namely, some chevron print burlap (it is the coolest and I'll will be heartbroken if its backordered!), some amazing new candle scents from my existing vendor, Fairhope Soy and some beautiful pewter pendants.

biloxi, ms

Afterwards, we couldn't miss a walk on the beach when visiting Biloxi!  Some of the beach front still has damage from Katrina and we explored some beach front ruins and waded a bit in the calm waters.  It was actually warm January, I know, right?!  Then we stumbled upon a beach front restaurant, Shaggy's; the sign at the entrance said "Now entering island time."  That sounded good to me!  I ordered the crab cakes and they were amazing, plus the view of the Gulf right from my table was amazingly healing.  I decided to take that tiny piece of paradise with me to revisit in the coming weeks even if it is just a memory.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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