Tuesday, January 1, 2013


It might sound strange but my New Years Resolution (if you can really call it that) is to master nothing.  After a lot of reflection of the past year and now approaching my fifth year in business, I see a pattern that if I don't feel I succeed (or am succeeding) - I stop, give up...rather than fail.  Seriously, there was a year I took up yoga and in my first class I decided I would get a certification, open my own studio, and be really bendy - I guess.  Another year, I was so enamored with roses, I decided not only to have a garden of at least 30 varieties - I would hybridize my own rose.  What can I say - everything interests me and I aim high.  This year, though, I want to keep that adventurous spirit and I am giving myself complete freedom to try any whim but no hard feelings if things don't work out.

Some things did work out in 2012; which were utterly surprising to me.  For one, Etsy; I've had a shop for a while but had not previously invested a lot of time - I made the time and it paid off, plus the connections I made have been invaluable.  I know a lot of people complain about Etsy for one reason or another but I still think they attract a buyer that appreciates handmade and vintage from truly independent sellers better than anyone.   The next surprise was cross stitch...and specifically my Down with Downton Abbey cross stitch pattern.  For me, it just began as an image I kept seeing in my mind that I needed to create and cross stitch seemed a logical means to an end.  Anyway, it's been a blessing and a lot of fun connecting with so many people stitching along all over the world!  And lastly, building my collection of vintage textiles has been so much fun...this too, I had no idea just how many people would positively react to this.  There's just nothing like using the "old stuff" (as I've been told).  For me it's part sheer excitement of finding something unique and secondly saving something that's a part of history.

I have some new directions to follow in 2013 and "cleaning house" to do at the shop (more on that later)...but I see no reason why 2013 can't be even better than last?!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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