Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Patience is a Virtue

It's just Tuesday and a lot has already happen this week!  But first, I have to tell you about the conversation I had with my friend, Darla, last week.  Her "resolution" this year is to accomplish two ready made projects a week...so far she's on track and has created a number of items for Fall and Christmas already!  It really inspired me to get going on a lot of dream projects and also scratch off some of those have-tos for the shop.  So, if it's in my stash (yarn, fabric, ...whatever!) I've been plotting a way to make use of it and produce a lot more inventory.  So, that brings us to this week!  I began two big projects; however, it's going to be awhile a before I know how each will turn out.

First, Darla came over to the shop today and we both did our own version of the Craftsy Block of the Month.  Yes, I'm finally making a quilt!  The 2013 pattern is a sampler of lots of different blocks (we'll one learn each month and put it together at the end of the year to form a quilt!); I wasn't quite sure of the overall design of the finished quilt as it seemed a bit geometric and modern for my taste,  I chose an almost monochromatic palate of black and white...I added a bit of red for accent in hopes that will pull it together conceptually.  All my fabric is out of print yardage or vintage cottons I've collected.  This month BOM is a version of the Log Cabin block...here's mine:

craftsy block of the month quilt

Next, (warning: you might think I have some rare form of bi-polar disorder for crafters) C and I made soap.  Not just your regular melt and pour soap...we tackled cold process soap!  Cold process soap has been one of those pipe dream projects I always wanted to accomplish but never thought I could overcome my fear of working with lye.  What's great about this soap is that YOU control every ingredient from oils, fragrance, colorants and yes, even the amount of lye.  It went okay, we had no idea how quickly we needed to work and then we added fragrance and oh my, it accelerated the entire process.  We just got it into the mold...minutes too long and it might not have been workable.  Because if the lye, we can't use this for 6 weeks...patience is a virtue, right?  I was able to cut it last night and it smells heavenly...a lavender vanilla blend.  I feel a huge sense of accomplishment and I still have a healthy respect for lye!

cold process lavender vanilla soap

So...what are you making this month???

--Lisa LeBlanc

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