Sunday, December 9, 2012

Everything is Shinny...

christmas parade

The Christmas season is well underway in our small (and balmy) town of Ponchatoula.  Last night was our annual Christmas parade; it was a beautiful night and the parade passes right in front of our shop - which makes it awfully nice considering what a loooong day it had been.  I opened early to start rearranging tables and lots of items had already sold this season (yea!), part two of a quilt class was in full force by noon in the sewing area of the shop, sales were good throughout the day but this time of year I feel like I do more entertaining than business.  Including one customer's husband that decided to lay down on the ground with my dog and have a smooch fest (Chico totally hated it btw)...I'm glad people feel comfortable to be themselves in my shop but sometimes I wish they'd be a little less...especially when I'm having to step over them to assist other customers.  Oh and the children...I should preface this with, I'm not generally a "kid" person, but I do really feel for kids that get drug into the shop; the first thing you hear from mom or grandma is a stern "don't YOU touch anything!"  Honestly, how can you not help yourself...everything is shinny.  Even mom and/or grandma has their paws all over everything that within moments of them leaving, I'll swoop in to put the lid back on the candle, fold the shirt they threw on top of the pile, find the doo-dad that fell behind the shelf they didn't think I saw.  Anyway, I had pretty much enough of hearing children's hands being slapped, yelled at, then yanked one armed to the know for being children.  C came to help out around 2:30 and I finally sat down and just sat there dazed.    Today I'm off; C volunteered to open on our normally closed Sunday, so we could keep up the holiday momentum but also, to give me a little break.  I'll catch up on a few more silk-screening projects, and if there's time complete a sewing project...even though what would really do me some good is putting my feet up and watching sappy Christmas movies.

And while the Holidays are on the brain, here are some specials just listed or reduced you may want to take advantage of:

--Lisa LeBlanc

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