Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Downton Abbey Framed!


Downton Abbey Cross Stitch

Finally!  I think it's just been under a year that I completed my Down with Downton Abbey cross stitch pattern and yesterday the stars and moon aligned and allowed me to stick it in a frame.  I framed it myself using an Ikea Ribba frame and loosely used techniques from Posie Gets Cozy.

Almost daily I've been receiving e-mails that sort of go like this..."your pattern is just precious but I'm much TOO busy and could never figure out to do this SO can you just make me one in time for Christmas????"  Um, in a word "no".  First off cross stitch is totally easy (yeah, I'm talking to you - you can do this!) but it can take a loooong time.  This took over a month and I stitched between 4-5 hours a day.  Not to discourage anyone; I love that an embroidery project becomes a part of your life for a period of time but I'm not interested in producing these finished.  I really like connecting with those that are stitching along with pattern...that has been the most rewarding thing that blossomed from this venture!

And of course there is this...I'm on a forced break from stitching.  I formed a ganglion cyst in my finger (probably from too much stitching).  I haven't stitched or crocheted in over two months, I think (ugh) but it's actually going down now.  So hopefully, I will be back in business in the New Year (which is good because I've got quite a bit planned)!

If you're not totally dismayed to attempt this pattern, here is a little encouragement.  One of my star customers from The Teakettle Corner sent me a picture of her finished work on a pillow...I would not have even thought to do this...but I have cats and can't have anything nice!  She also shares a tutorial on how to make a similar style pillow here.  Her blog is great and shares her work on many projects, so you can get a feel for just how long some of these projects can take...and how rewarding and pride you have when it's complete!

downton abbey pillow

--Lisa LeBlanc

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