Saturday, November 24, 2012

Small Successes...

Today was great...even better than great.  We had a record number of visitors and sales for Small Business Saturday in the shop.  It's funny that this whole event is spurred on by the credit card company, American Express and we only had a few use their card.  The majority just wanted us to know they supported us and wanted us to remain open...that in itself is huge, where on most any given day - retail loyalty can be...meh.  For me, its been an emotional couple of days; today, two years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer.  I left the doctor's office, went to my store and opened it; not saying a word to anyone...just doing my job.  And even though time has passed, anniversaries like this make me wonder if I'm moving away from diagnosis or toward recurrence.  It's something I haven't been very good at putting feelings into words but let me just say days like today are gratifying and a visible reminder that all these days, hours, and minutes have been productive and meaningful.
And, by the way...I have the best dog in the whole world.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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  1. Congratulations on having a record day!! That's so awesome, and it's great to see people supporting the small businesses. Hopefully the trend will continue, and not just with one day a year.

    And yes, you've got a really cute dog, but I think mine is the best. LOL! :)