Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Home Preview

Here's a peek of what's going on at home...we started unpacking the Christmas ornaments on Thanksgiving and decorating in earnest.  Still some things to do...but its a lot of fun setting it up.  Christmas is such a kid centered holiday, but growing up, I couldn't wait until I was adult and could have my holiday, my way.  In fact, in my college dorm, I was the one with the fully decorated tree, including presents beneath, with hot chocolate brewing in my mini microwave...I've always been a nest maker - trying to build roots wherever I went.  The store can be a bit traditional for my taste, so at home I have free range.  Most of what I like is candy colored and packed with glitter.  I have a lot of vintage ornaments that I've happily married with new acquisitions from the shop.  A lot of people ask me what's my decorating secret at the store and, here it goes...see an empty spot?  shove something glittery in it.  (and that's 4 years of design school talking!)

The one challenge at home though is cats.  We have three - and basically, in years past, my tabletop tinsel tree is just a big ol' giant cat toy.  We've stopped putting anything breakable on the actual tree and moved those types to a garland over the doorway - which everyone raves about to me.  So far, the tree this year has been knocked over 2-1/2 times...not by the me!  I say 2-1/2 because I caught it, I guess this is a good system for the clumsy.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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