Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We've Expanded...

I know I've disappeared for a while now but it's with good reason, I promise!  We've expanded our shop to now include fabric and notions by partnering with our local quilt shop.

Everything happened quite by surprise.  Nearly a year ago we were shopping our neighbors' store and C said by the off chance you ever decide to leave think about moving into Nest.  Low and behold, they called the first week in September and wanted to scale back their retail operation and focus more on producing quilts (which are amazing, by the way).  I've been itching to really get into fabric and it's made for a unique opportunity for me to apprentice, in a way and also to help keep and build their clientele.  Also, they never ventured into online sales and I've agreed to assist with that...throughout October I will be building the inventory on my site; so check often as I list about 5 to 6 new fabrics a day.

So, for a straight month it's taken all our efforts to really get them moved into their nook or sewing center, as I like to call it.  Most evenings we leave the shop at 7 or 8pm, eat dinner, bathe and then fall fast asleep.  There hasn't been much time for anything else, i.e. blogging, but I'm making a very concentrated effort beginning this week to get back to some semblance of normal (like I ever was to begin with!)

Oh, and an early observation about "sewing people" - they seem to be quite the introverts.  Sweet as can be, they each walk in shyly clutching a partially made project...I almost have to coax out what they need.  On the other hand the yarnies that knit and hook are all extroverts.

--Lisa LeBlanc

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