Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On Being Unremarkable...

This is actually a very happy post, so do not be concerned.

Nearly 2 weeks ago, we traveled back to MD Anderson for my latest round of scans.  First off let me say it was all good news.  I've come to a point after my diagnosis and successful treatment, that I don't let the fear of recurrence plague me like I once did...until it's scan week.  (sounds like shark week...and they both bite!).  I went in for my MRI and the delightful tech mentioned I would have a longer test than usual because it was a new machine with more cuts.  I think I obsessed for an hour in the machine that now with the added detail they would see something new.  The next day, was "doctor day" where they review your progress and let you know informally how your scans look.  This is what I love about MD Anderson...they are fast!  At 7:30 in the morning the very next day I went into the eye doctor and the first thing she told me was; "I saw you had a scan yesterday, and though it's not my area, it looked good!"  It was a blessed relief!  Then we continued on with the eye exam and as she commented back to nurse taking notes for my chart, she looked into each eye and said "unremarkable".  I've never been so delighted to be ordinary!

Cancer, I know what you really want to know...what did we eat?  Oh Houston, you are evil to my waist line!  We visited one of my old haunts during my radiation vacation, Gio's Flying Pizza in Dickerson, TX.  For whatever reason, their Blanco Pizza was the only thing I could minimally taste after I lost my taste buds during my treatment.  Now that they are back, oh my, this place is de-lish!  My friend's five year old son loves this place because they toss the pizza in the air and this time he recommended the raspberry chocolate cake.  He was right...but he barely let me get a bite!

We'll return in January for hopefully continued good news and yummy eats!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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  1. Continued blessed great fabulous skip down the street dance for glee wonderful glorious good health. A very grateful reader because I love your posts and your work.