Monday, September 3, 2012

Humming Along...

It's Labor Day in the States today; C went in and opened the shop tho many, many of our customers surrounding the shop are dealing with extensive wind and flood clean up in Hurricane Isaac's wake.  We were so fortunate this time and with each passing storm I learn new things about the resiliency of people and nature.

A day or so after the storm passed I saw a madding number of hummingbirds coming to the windows of the house looking in; a friend had posted on Facebook that they are hungry right now with most of their food source being temporarily damaged.  It took some time to locate a feeder with our limited resources in town; I ended up at Big Lots of all places and got one for $ money. ever. spent.  Within 20 minutes of putting it out a feeding frenzy began.  Every few minutes one passes and takes a sip.  All of us, cats and dogs included, are loving our new feathered friends.  I did a little research and it turns out this is a particularly important time for these tiny birds; they will migrate on a non-stop trip across the Gulf of Mexico soon and are desperate to feed in preparation.

So, today I have a great seat catching all the action as I finish up stitching my new Downton Abbey Alphabet Pattern.  I hope to frame both of my patterns soon; plus I need to get going on a few new ideas before I forget them!  One in development will be for the Christmas holidays...wish I was as quick as my hummer friends!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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