Monday, August 6, 2012

No Mistake Scarf

Saturday was Mom's birthday and I gifted her this scarf I made; a few months back she picked out a Caron brand yarn and asked me to make her a scarf.  I wasn't crazy about the colorway on the skein or the fact that it was acrylic but I have to say it crocheted beautifully in this pattern.  I chose the No Mistake Scarf by Jimmy Beans Wool and offered for free on Ravelry as a direct download.  There is a knit version too.  If you are new to crochet this is a fabulously easy and quick pattern and will help you practice your gauge.  The pattern alternates between two colors, but because the yarn was multi-colored I left it all one yarn; also, I left off the fringe edge and liked it a lot more.  Hopefully, she likes it and will get some use out of it when it's not 100+ degrees outside.

This past week I discovered Kat Edmunson by chance listening to the World Cafe on the way to the shop.  I was sold after just two songs...Hopelessly Blue and I Don't Know; luckily too I discovered later that night the MP3 version of the album is only $3.99 on Amazon...score!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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