Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Friends

downton abbey cross stitch

You never realize the things that will stick with you through your lifetime but one of those odd things and hobbies  of mine has been cross stitch.  I was in 5th grade and my homeroom teacher made us create a sampler for our moms for Mother's Day.  We could even stitch during class!  The boys hated it but eventually they got into it and a blessed hush fell over all of us (and I'm sure for the first time my teacher could hear herself think...poor thing was prematurely grey).  I was hooked and kept stitching; I even picked it up again in college...boy, was I cool sitting in my dorm room with a hoop and floss!  So within the last year, I started developing my own patterns - partly to experiment with my own ideas and stitch things I wasn't seeing and of course, make some income.  What I didn't expect was how many people would stitch along and be so appreciative and just all together lovely.  I get e-mails quite regularly thanking me for creating these patterns as they are to become gifts or cherish keepsakes.  Frankly I'm blown away...so thank you all for your support!
I do want to call out and thank two blogs that posted my most popular pattern the past week or so, my Downton Abbey Cross Stitch Sampler

STITCHNMOMMA - she also has patterns and dyes her own Aida cloth (omg, how cool is that!).  Lots of good tips - a true kindred spirit!

The Teakettle Corner - she is stitching the pattern right now!  I almost fell out when I saw her cat sitting on the printed pattern and a glass of wine next to a pile of floss (that could so be my house!)

if you are stitching along, please let me know whether you want a mention or not...I love hearing from you all!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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