Friday, August 31, 2012

A Weathered Nest

We weathered the storm fairly well; definitely no Katrina like seven years ago but quite a disaster in its own right...and a looong one at that.  We are 50 miles north of New Orleans and winds picked up Tuesday evening, then torrential wind and rain all of Wednesday, Thursday we saw the tail-end with sporadic showers.  I was finally able to leave and drive to the shop Thursday; everything looks fine.  A little water seeped through under the windows but nothing unexpected after 12 hours of horizontal rain.  I will attempt to open this morning; hopefully my internet will cooperate to process online orders.

Waiting out the storm felt like living in a bubble.  For long periods we had no electricity or cellular felt a little like the "old days".  I stitched most hours it was light with a dog or a cat on my lap...sometimes both.  We chatted, read, napped.  Occasionally when we would look outside it was like looking out your car window in a car wash.  Only a tiny frog that wedge himself safely in the window of the storm door was our connection to the outside.  I lost a ton of pecans and mourned my future pies; some how my lemons stayed intact and most of my satsumas.  We were lucky in all respects.  Sometimes living in a sub-tropical area is chancy but as a lady put it so eloquently on the news this evening, "maybe one day out the year it's a disaster; the rest of the days it's like paradise"

--Lisa LeBlanc

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