Friday, July 27, 2012

I Made The Etsy Front Page.

I found out a little after the fact that I had indeed made it to the Etsy Front Page for the first time...hallowed ground for sure.  *moment of silence*  I didn't know for a while as there really wasn't an uptick in views or sales.   I randomly checked the comments on one of the treasuries I had been featured in and noticed a bunch of people congratulating all of us on our Front Page status.  I sat there for a moment..."wait, which front page?  THE Front Page??"  And indeed, after some investigating, I discovered it ran at midnight on Sunday, July 15th. least it happened!  Though, I was sleeping, and you, and anyone else that probably you or I know.   It's a Wes Anderson themed treasury; I thought very clever...and here it is!

--Lisa LeBlanc

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  1. I wish there was a way to be notified when this happens. I have given up trying to find out and just accept it as another moment I am unaware transpiring. Love that you made it.

  2. Thanks so much and I totally agree! I found out through and was able to search their "vault".